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Jem Shaw and crashed Wellington

Make Believe

I spent my entire education wondering if there was anything I was good at. I discovered that I could fake various abilities with reasonable effectiveness, but I never seemed to excel at anything much. I knew I could write, and that was a useful tool to fuel the illusions - I could knock together a decent essay on runrig agriculture in the 16th century without actually needing to learn anything. But it never occurred to me that writing could be an end in itself.

That's a shame, because I wasted most of my life chasing the corporate dream, when I could have been spending time with the far more real lives that I've now discovered how to invent. With two books out there in the world, another simmering nicely and one keeping warm for now on the back burner, I at last realise the pleasure of a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and these phantom people beside me, singing in the wilderness.

I can only hope I've not left it too late.


Being Different

Left to right: Stephanie Hutton, Debbie Voisey, Sarah Akhtar, Adam Boustead, Jason Smith and Richard Branson in a Simon Cowell outfit. The 6x6 Reading Café was great fun. The place was packed and the standard...

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Piper Cub
The Cub Comes Home

I recently retired the blog that contained this story. I know it's been popular for many years, so it's preserved here.


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