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Something Noobish

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Something Noobish

This came up as a Facebook memory, and I still think it's one of the funniest things I ever saw. It dates from 2011, when I hit the big 60. Here's the background:

It can't have escaped your notice that there's a computer game - and now a film - called World of Warcraft. The game has around 10 million people each paying about ten quid a month to lose touch with family, employment, food and daylight. Stupid, yeah? Yeah, but when the choice is between bodily maintenance and a an epic-level raid on Hellfire Citadel, trust me, you'll go for soiling yourself rather than miss a game tick.

I'm better now, honest. But a recovering alcoholic is still an addict. I made the mistake of watching the film t'other day and felt the key-mashing finger twitching.

So, this video then.,,

I was on holiday with my extended family. We'd taken possession of a massive converted barn in Wales, complete with private swimming pool, squash court, 100 acres of private woodland, billiard room and, quite possibly, its own bordello. I don't know, I never finished exploring it all. As it happened it was my birthday so the other Shaws, rather than experience the joys of our own private Butlin's, made secret videos. Lots of them. All of them had one thing in common: to take the piss out of the sextegenarian birthday boy.

This particular video features my son Adam and niece Sophie, both of whom will want me to point out that their appearance was heavily modified for the roles, showing a suspiciously accurate understanding of the infernal game.

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