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Staffordshire Six

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Staffordshire Six

The 6x6 Reading Café is an institution invented by two rather splendid author friends, Misha Herwin and Jan Edwards. It's a quarterly event held at City Central Library, Bethesda Street, Stoke on Trent ST1 3RS and it's always a blast. The concept is that six authors each read a six minute story or extract from a larger work. That makes it fast-paced and infinitely varied. You'll find more about it on

It's free, there's decent coffee (also free) and you can be there by contacting City Central Library on 01782 236177 or emailing

I'll be joining five talented writers to share our strange imaginings. The other names are Sarah Akhtar, Adam Boustead, Stephanie Hutton, Jason Smith and Debbie Voisey.

I'll be reading my skit on the evergreen zombie theme, which usually gets a few laughs. Nearly as many as my serious pieces in fact.

You coming?

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