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Balloonacy and Bad Accents

I've been meaning to produce a few video readings for quite some time. I struggle to understand why I decided to start with this one. The photograph that inspired the story shows an American balloon reconnaissance squadron. Clearly, the wise thing would have been to go for a safe, easy Central American accent. Ignoring such wisdom, I invented a narrator who, as we discover in Part Two, comes from Mississippi State. It seemed like a good idea when I wrote it; now I come to read it aloud, not so much...

Part One, and Part Two when I produce it, won't please Americans - or in fact anyone with an ear for good accents. I crave forgiveness.

Part Two, in which we discover more than we really wanted to know about Brownie Peters, will follow as soon as possible.

Parts One and Two of The Miraumont Photographic Society are part of my just-released collection, All This Way for a Shilling

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